The Bethlehem Kids

The Bethlehem Kids represent the many faces of our school.

The Bethlehem Kids represent the many faces of our school. The fact that there are three children ties in with the significance that three has for our school. The school’s physical location at the top of the Bethlehem triangle, the school’s historical ties to three marae – Wairoa, Hangarau and Huria, the important links between the student, the teacher and parents, even the three syndicates that operate within our school give further importance to the number three.

Each child holds a kete, or basket, which ties in with the importance in Maoridom of ‘the three baskets of knowledge’, although in our case we have:

  • a basket of knowledge which we call What I Know
  • a basket of skills which we call What I Can Do
  • a basket of values and attitudes which we call What I Feel


Each kete contains things that we want our children to acquire during their time at Bethlehem School. The Bethlehem Kids is a learner map that can be understood by everyone, from our children and teachers, to our parents and community. It gives the school focus and direction.

How The Bethlehem Kids Learner Map will be Implemented

We believe The Bethlehem Kids learner map is essential for our learning community as it makes explicit what we stand for and gives directions to our actions.

We will use The Bethlehem Kids as a school wide icon and model. The Board of Trustees will refer to The Bethlehem Kids when planning and implementing management practices. We will encourage children to display The Bethlehem Kids qualities. Peer mediation training will be adjusted to include The Bethlehem Kids qualities. The Bethlehem Kids will become an integral part of school and classroom culture.

Classroom planning will reflect aspects of The Bethlehem Kids. Enrolment packs, report forms and parent interviews will align with The Bethlehem Kids model. The Bethlehem Kids will be displayed in each classroom complete with kete and each teacher will implement The Bethlehem Kids model in their classroom. Children will set goals that reflect attributes of The Bethlehem Kids model and evaluate these.

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