School Uniform


   All students are required to wear our school uniform. 

   Bethlehem School uniforms can be purchased from NZ Uniforms

   Click here to go to their website

   or find them in person at 94 Elizabeth Street, Tauranga (Next to Katmandu)

    Please refer below to our Uniform Schedule and Uniform Policy

Uniform Schedule


The mandatory uniform for Bethlehem School currently consists of the following items: 

❑ short sleeve shirt 

❑ shorts or skort                                                  

❑ polar fleece long sleeve OR sport hoodie                    

❑ bucket style hat 

N.B Students can continue to wear the old uniform until the end of 2024


Hats: Students must wear a school bucket hat. Hats need to be worn during Term 1 & 4. While we do allow a period for students to get back into the habit, after Labour Weekend staff will insist on hats being worn. Students without hats will spend their break times in the shade of the Library. Reminder notes will be sent home for whānau to acknowledge by signing and returning it to the classroom teacher. Caps do not provide enough protection from the effects of the sun’s rays and are not considered appropriate for our students at school. Children wearing caps will be given till the next day to bring an appropriate hat to school.

Uniform Policy


A school uniform is a mandatory requirement for attendance at Bethlehem School as it serves to identify our students with our kura


  1. The uniform will be worn all year round with variations for seasonal changes. 

  2. The uniform will be made up of the approved items on the schedule. No substitutions will be acceptable. 

  3. Any extra garments worn under the uniform e.g. thermals for warmth, should be the same colour as the uniform and must not be visible. 

  4. School sun hats must be worn for all outdoor activities during Terms 1 and 4. 

  5. All items of clothing and footwear must be clearly named. 

  6. Footwear must be sensible. Only black shoes, sandals or jandals and black socks, stockings or leggings are acceptable. 

  7. Uniforms will only be available for purchase through NZ Uniforms on Elizabeth St in the CBD. 

  8. Donated second-hand uniform will be for sale through the school office, subject to availability. The school will not sell second-hand uniform on behalf of others.

  9. Parents and whānau are responsible for maintaining the uniforms to a high standard.