Fairplay Contracts

Bethlehem School Fairplay Promise for Players, Coaches, Referees and Supporters

Good sport is about positive attitude. Play your part – play fair.    

To the best of my ability I will: 


  • Play by the rules 
  • Never argue with an official
  • Work hard to do my best at all times
  • Turn up to practice or let my coach know if I’m going to be absent
  • Be a good sport and recognise good players and good play
  • Remember to thank my coach, umpire and opposition
  • Help others in my team when I can
  • Avoid putting people down or bullying them
  • Give it heaps and not get ugly 


  • Control the game in a fair and positive manner
  • Try to be consistent and fair in my decisions
  • Help players understand the rules by explaining decisions where appropriate
  • Do what I can to make sure all involved enjoy the game including myself


  • Respect that people are involved in sport for fun, enjoyment and development
  • Support good play and applaud good performance from all competitors
  • Attempt to understand the rules of the game
  • Learn the difference between supportive and abusive comments to BOTH players and coaches
  • Remember coaches have given up their time to support my child so they can play in a team.
  • Accept the decisions of officials and coaches, they have many things to consider when making their choices.
  • Remember we are all capable of making mistakes
  • Give it heaps and not get ugly
  • Not use bad language nor harass coaches, officials and other parents in front of any children at games and practices.
  • I will address any issues in a respectful and appropriate manner


  • Set personal behaviour standards for myself and those I coach
  • Always be positive. Never shout out or ridicule players
  • Never shout or argue with the referee
  • Give every player the same amount of your attention and time
  • Provide every player with at least half a game each week.
  • Respect players’ efforts regardless of whether we have won or lost
  • Encourage respect for the opposition and officials
  • Keep winning and losing in perspective with personal challenge and enjoyment
  • Remember players are there because they enjoy the sport so always try and incorporate a fun element to my sessions
  • Remember to have fun myself, players will relate to me better if they see my personality coming through in my coaching
  • Build relationships with my players, take the time to get to know them as a player and also a person, it’ll help me to understand how to get the best out of them as a player
  • Remember no-one’s perfect, we all make mistakes, have the confidence to admit when I’m wrong, learn from it and move on!