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Bethlehem School is a contributing school catering for students in Year 0-6 (5-11 yrs olds). It was opened in 1883 as a native school and has strong links with its Maori community. In 2008 it celebrated its 125th Jubilee. For most of its history the school has been a small semi rural school but as Tauranga has grown so to has the school especially over the last 20 years. From a school of 120 students in 1995 to a roll of 470 in 2021, much has happened in this time.

The school is organised into three English medium teams or syndicates, Senior, Middle and Junior following the New Zealand Curriculum. There is also a Rumaki team made up of three classes delivering a Level 1 Maori medium immersion programme using Te Marautanga o Aotearoa as the basis for our school curriculum (Marautanga-a-kura o Peterehema).

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